Lyon USA Debeakers & Blades
Improved Design For Better Quality
Weight : 5 kg
Electrical Supply : 230V or 120V 50/60 Hz

Proven – Accepted and used bypoultrymen around the world.
Rugged – Designed for years of service with minimum maintenance.
Economical – Long life gives extremely low cost per bird.
Adaptable – Full line of blades, attachments and power units available for all types of beak trimming & toe clipping.
Versatile – Suitable for small, medium or large producer.
Flexible – Can be operated by power unit or foot pedal.

The Lyon SUPER DEBEAKER® is recognised and used around the world as the only proven reliable and safe method to stop:


The SUPER DEBEAKER® beak trims and cauterizes in a single operation. This inhibits bleeding and beak regrowth. Birds usually begin eating right after trimming.

Everyday the SUPER DEBEAKER® is used by turkey growers, hatcherymen, broiler producers, egg producers and game bird breeders around the world.

Improvements to the SUPER DEBEAKER® include a redesigned blade contact area. Contact leads have been eliminated with the use of heavy transformer lead end terminals which provide better blade contact. Maintenance is reduced and easier to perform.

The previously used carriage hinge has been replaced with pivots mounted low on the center line of the blade. This gives a squared, even cut on the bird’s beak.

The SUPER DEBEAKER is supplied complete with KH Blade, standard beak support and 6-foot power cord.

The Result

Shown is 7 day
old chick after
Precision Debeaking.
Note the slightly
longer lower beak

After 18 weeks

A mature hen
debeaked at 7 days
of age by
Precision Debeaking.