Egg Candling Lamps



The OvaView is a very effective low cost all purpose candling lamp ideal for identifying infertile eggs with pale, plain shells (most species of hen, duck, goose etc). Battery powered for convenience and uses high output, high efficiency LED illumination - so no bulbs to replace and no concerns about overheating the eggs during inspection. The OvaView is designed to either be hand-held or can be left on a work surface in use. Supplied with a flexible black ring to seal against the egg shell. Supplied with a set of 4 AA batteries. Can also be used with rechargeable AA batteries.

OvaView Hi Intensity - similar to the OvaView but with much higher light output from a higher spec LED. The greater power makes inspection of dark and mottled egg shells easier. Supplied with both the normal flexible black ring to seal against the egg shell plus a special version for smaller eggs. The larger power drain means that rechargeable batteries are needed.

OvaView with OvaScope
OvaScope is an innovative aid to egg candling which works with either model of OvaView and improves the clarity and visibility of the egg and its contents by completely blocking out ambient light, slightly magnifying the image of the egg and allowing the viewer to rotate the egg smoothly as it is observed. The OvaScope can be fitted with a webcam or camera so is ideal for demonstration purposes.


'Cool-Lume'High Intensity