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Quality Products
from Germany
- Maintains good health
- Increases fertility
- Promotes feather growth
- Enhances plumage colours
Nutritional Supplements
Swivel 3-bowl
57 x 14cm
Bowl Diameter: 10cm
SGD 120
Reusable Feeding Syringes
10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc
ROUN.G Hydroponics
Grow Your Own Vegetables
Drawer 3-bowl Macaw
50 x 12.5cm
Bowl Diameter: 12.5cm
SGD 290
Drawer 3-bowl African Grey
44 x 11.5cm
Bowl Diameter: 10cm
SGD 290
Parrot Feeders
Stainless Steel

Brinsea Incubators
• Rcom Incubators
Grumbach Incubators
Inca Incubators
Lyon Incubators
Parrot Incubators
Reptile Incubators
Ostrich Incubators
School Incubators
Racing Pigeons
       • Pigeon Health & Performance
       • Herbots
Veterinary Products
Egg Candling
Incubation Troubleshooting
Egg Incubation Period
Feeders and Drinkers
Bird Foods

Bird Nutritional Supplements
       Fertility Enhancer
Parrot Toys

       Bird Kabob Shreddable Toys
       Other Toys
Pet Posters
Dogs and Cats
Poultry Equipment
       Lyon USA Debeakers
       Socorex Animal Health Syringes
       Alke Gas Brooders
       Gasolec Gas Brooders
       • AgroLogic Temptron Controllers
       • Kestrel Weather Meters
       ThaMa Animal Health Syringes
       • Ziggity Regulators / Drinkers
       • Dosatron Dosing Injectors
       • Others
ROUN.G Hydroponics
Fish Farming Equipment
       Kaycee Fish Vaccinators
       Kaycee FishGuard Needle Protector
Commercial Incubators
孵化机 • 保温箱 • 鹦鹉增补品 • 赛鸽增补品