The incubators are equipped with wide range
temperature controls which will cover the lower
temperatures required for reptile incubation.


Soft shelled fertile eggs will normally adhere tightly to
one another soon after laying. No attempt should be
made to separate them. When a female has finished laying,
eggs should be transferred to a plastic box with a fitting lid,
50-70% full of moistened vermiculite. The box should contain
small ventilation holes to allow fresh air into the box but must
not be large enough to allow the hatchlings to escape. Six or
eight 3mm (1/8”) holes through the lid is recommended.

Prepare the vermiculite by pouring boiling water over it until saturated. Drain until all the surplus water is gone (this can take up to five minutes) and leave to cool. Place the eggs half
buried in the mixture within the pre-heated incubator.

When eggs are incubated at too low a temperature the young
will tend to be small, undernourished and do badly. If the
temperature is too high they risk deformities or death.

The main requirements for reptile incubation are that
automatic turning is not required (and must not be used)
and that the incubator needs to be able to control the
temperature at levels down to 26ºC or so.

Rcom Reptile 60 Max
Automatic Temperature Control
Humidity Sensor
Digital Display
2 bags of Vermiculite
SGD 390


Rcom Reptile
90 Max
Automatic Temperature and Humidity Control
Digital Display
Best incubation condition for all species to be programmed by user
SGD 590


Rcom Reptile
90 Pro
Automatic Temperature and Humidity Control
Digital Display
Automatic programming of best incubation condition for 6 species plus other species to be programmed by the user
SGD 690


Rcom Reptile Brooder
Small SGD 1,270
Large SGD 1,450

High Intensity LED Egg Candling Lamp

SGD 48.00
Reptile Vermiculite
Hold moisture and resist molding, an ideal sterile substrate for reptile egg incubation.

5 Litres
(Approximately 1kg)

SGD 30.00
A highly valuable vitamin and mineral supplement enriched with amino acids for reptiles and amphibians. Encourages skin growth. Build up bones.

35g SGD 19.00
75g SGD 29.00
750g SGD 205.00

Multi-vitamin compound with colour intensifier for reptiles and amphibians. Prevents skin colours from fading and brings out faded colours again.

35g SGD 28.00
750g SGD 378.00
Vitamin and mineral supplement for all reptiles, ideal for reptiles with carapaces.

35g SGD 16.00
75g SGD 24.00
750g SGD 200.00
A dietary supplement specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of Green Iguanas and other plant and fruit-eating reptiles.

40g SGD 29.00
700g SGD 210.00
NEKTON-MSA (Calcium)
(Stronger Bones and Eggshells)
For birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Provides calcium, phusphorus and
vitamin D

35g SGD 15.00
180g SGD 32.00
500g SGD 71.00
1000g SGD 120.00

Mazuri Tortoise Diet
25 Ib (11.33 kg)

Temperatures and Hatching Times



31 - 32ºC (88 - 89.5ºF)
54 - 60 days


27 - 30ºC (80.5 - 86ºF)
52 - 56 days

28 - 29ºC (82.5 - 84ºF)
56 - 64 days

Leopard Geckos
26 - 33.3ºC (79 - 92ºF)
42 - 84 days


28 - 30.5ºC (82.5 - 87ºF)
70 - 90 days

Water Dragons - Basilisks

28 - 30ºC (82.5 - 86ºF)
65 days

26 - 34ºC (79º - 93ºF)
75 - 140 days

In general most reptiles need between 28 - 32ºC (82 - 90ºF) but there are a few exceptions.
Temperature affects the ratio of males to females in some species (Leopard Geckos
for example): below 28ºC (82.5ºF) results in mostly females, above 32ºC (90ºF)
give mostly males.


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