Top quality petcare products from Germany.
Vitamins, minerals and proteins for birds, reptiles,
cats, dogs and other animals


For birds, Nekton products are used to:

  • Promote good health
  • Increase fertility
  • Preserve, enhance and deepen colours of plumage
  • Ensure good feather growth and help prevent plumage defects
  • Provide multi-vitamins while in quarantine


(Increases resistance to disease)
Multi-vitamin supplement enriched with amino acids and trace elements for all cage birds

35g SGD 15.00  
150g SGD 35.00
750g SGD 135.00

(Encourages Breeding, Increases Fertility)
Vitamin E supplement for pets as aid to good health and increased fertility
35g SGD 15.00  
140g SGD 46.00
700g SGD 153.00

(Promotes Feather Growth, Activates Metabolism)
Protein-enriched food supplement to ensure good feather growth and help prevent plumage defects
35g SGD 22.00  
75g SGD 39.00
750g SGD 228.00

Probiotic bacteria aids enzymatic digestion and also for use after antibiotic treatment.
50g SGD 30.00  
100g SGD 36.00
250g SGD 44.00

Micronutrients strengthen immune system. Pre and probiotic ingredients promote intestinal development.
400g SGD 35.00  
750g SGD 46.00
3000g SGD 120.00

Heightens the red colour in the bird's plumage, prevents colours from fading, maintains the natural gross of plumage
35g SGD 20.00  
150g SGD 53.00
750g SGD 190.00

Contains beta-carotene, heightens the red parts in the plumage of birds especially coloured canaries
35g SGD 20.00  
150g SGD 53.00

Heightens the yellow colour in the bird's plumage. Prevents colours from fading. Maintains the natural gross of plumage
35g SGD 20.00  
150g SGD 53.00
750g SGD 190.00

A multi-vitamin supplement for birds with a high vitamin K contents for birds under temporarily treatment with antibiotics during serious illness or in quarantine. Also ideal for fig parrots which require more vitamin K than other species
30g SGD 15.00
600g SGD 102.00

A complete diet for humming birds, sun birds, honey creepers, bananaquits, small lorikeets and other nectar-feeding species such as butterflies
600g SGD 112.00
1200g SGD 188.00
3000g SGD 398.00

Specially developed for feeding Nekton-Nectar-Plus to nectar-feeding birds and butterflies. Made of brown plexiglass and almost fully impervious to UV light, sloping base enables birds to consume to the very last bit.
SGD 35.00

Prevents scaly feet and beak, curled toes, poor feathering, leg weakness, nervous system disorder, reduced egg clutches and poor egg hatchability
35g SGD 15.00

(Formulated for Doves and Galliformes)
High-grade multi-vitamins for doves (include merbok, terkukur), poultry, quail, pheasants
75g SGD 23.00  
150g SGD 37.00
750g SGD 158.00

A complete diet for all lories and hanging parakeets. In powder form, easy to prepare, simply add water to the powder and stir slowly
400g SGD 64.00  
750g SGD 89.00
3000g SGD 259.00
6000g SGD 462.00

For seed-eating birds. Valuable during illness, moulting, re-caging and acclimation.
200g SGD 45.00  
500g SGD 100.00
800g SGD 149.00
3000g SGD 520.00

For insect-eating birds. Valuable during illness, moulting, re-caging and acclimation.
200g SGD 45.00  
500g SGD 100.00
800g SGD 155.00
3000g SGD 524.00

For fruit-eating birds. Valuable during illness, moulting, re-caging and acclimation.
200g SGD 44.00  
500g SGD 99.00
800g SGD 141.00
3000g SGD 492.00

NEKTON-MSA (Calcium)
High-grade mineral supplement for birds, dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, etc. Provides calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3.
35g SGD 15.00  
180g SGD 32.00
500g SGD 71.00
1000g SGD 120.00


Contains organic calcium, magnesium and B vitamins. Ideal for breeding and calcium deficiency.
35g SGD 22.00  
140g SGD 43.00
350g SGD 75.00
700g SGD 123.00  


Bee pollen is nature’s high quality food. It prevents illness, stimulates physical and mental energy, supports healthy digestion, strengthens immune system, supplies bones with minerals and is good for the cardiovascular syetem.
130g SGD 45.00  
650g SGD 160.00

The ingredients containing all essential proteins, vitamins and minerals develop healthy and large crickets as an optimal source of nutrition for birds and reptiles
250g SGD 20.00
1,000g SGD 60.00

A highly valuable vitamin and mineral supplement enriched with amino acids for reptiles and amphibians. Encourages skin growth. Build up bones
35g SGD 19.00  
75g SGD 29.00
750g SGD 205.00

Multi-vitamin compound with colour intensifier for reptiles and amphibians. Prevents skin colours from fading and brings out faded colours again
35g SGD 28.00  
750g SGD 378.00

A dietary supplement specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of Green Iguanas and other plant and fruit-eating reptiles
40g SGD 29.00  
700g SGD 210.00

Vitamin and mineral supplement for all reptiles, ideal for reptiles with carapaces.
35g SGD 16.00  
75g SGD 24.00
750g SGD 200.00

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals specially formulated for sugar gliders
200g SGD 50.00  
500g SGD 80.00

Vitamin / Mineral supplement for dogs. Enriched with Vitamin A, Magnesium and Vitamin D. Suitable for all breeds of dogs
30g SGD 15.00  
120g SGD 42.00
650g SGD 157.00

Vitamin supplement for healthy coat and skin. A vitamin compound that contains not only all vitamins needed for dogs, but also a high rate of biotin (Vitamin H), valuable in improving abrasive, rough fur, unnatural light spots on the skin and skin alterations
30g SGD 18.00  
120g SGD 48.00
650g SGD 162.00

Vital materials on natural base for dogs
100g SGD 54.00  
250g SGD 102.00
500g SGD 180.00

Vitamin / Mineral supplement for cats. A high-grade combination compound of mineral nutrition, micronutrients and a large amount of vitamins, enriched with the essential amino-acids Arginine and Taurine
35g SGD 19.00  
150g SGD 65.00
750g SGD 232.00

Vitamin supplement for healthy coat and skin. A high Vitamin H (Biotin) compound enriched with minerals, micronutrients and amino-acids. Ideal for cats with fur and / or skin problems
35g SGD 19.00  
150g SGD 65.00
750g SGD 232.00

Vital materials on natural base for cats
100g SGD 54.00  
250g SGD 103.00
500g SGD 180.00

Vitamin supplement to promote inner balance for cats and dogs
100g SGD 35.00  
250g SGD 77.00

Feed supplement to support locomotor system of cats and dogs
100g SGD 51.00  
250g SGD 118.00

Mineral compound for all pets (dogs, cats, pet birds, reptiles and amphibians. Helps prevent calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D deficiencies
35g SGD 15.00  
180g SGD 32.00
500g SGD 71.00
1000g SGD 120.00  
: Vitamin and mineral supplement for all reptiles
NEKTON-REP: Vitamin & Mineral Supplement for Reptiles & Amphibians
NEKTON-REP-COLOR: Vitamin Supplement + Carotenoids for Reptiles
NEKTON-IGUANA: Dietary Supplement for Iguanas
NEKTON-REP-CALCIUM+D3: Calcium supplement for all reptiles
NEKTON-TONIC-R: Tonic for Nectar-eating Reptiles

NEKTON-SUGAR GLIDER: Feed supplement for sugar gliders

: Vitamin / mineral supplement for dogs
NEKTON-DOG-H: Vitamin supplement for healthy coat and skin
NEKTON-BIOTIC-DOG: Probiotic supplement for stabilisation of intestinal flora of dogs
NEKTON-DOG-NATURAL-PLUS: For diarrhea/constipation, improves energy metabolism
NEKTON-CAT-VM: Vitamin / mineral supplement for cats
NEKTON-CAT-H: Vitamin supplement for healthy coat and skin
NEKTON-CAT-NATURAL-PLUS: For diarrhea/constipation, improves energy metabolism
NEKTON-PRO-ACTIVE: Develops structure and strength of joint cartilage of dogs and cats
NEKTON-kEEP-COOL: Keeps stressed and nervous dogs and cats calm

AviVita Gold
High-Potency Vitamin Mix.
AviVita Gold is an extra-potent vitamin supplement intended for feeding on soft food or mixed with seed 2 to 3 times per week. AviVita Gold is also valuable for supplementing breeding birds. It is beneficial therapy for birds suffering from vitamin deficiency due to long-term seed-only diets.

4oz SGD 27.00
8oz SGD 42.00
16oz SGD 78.00

AviVita Plus
Premium Daily Maintenance Multivitamin.
A balanced formulation of all human-grade ingredients, in a natural orange flavor. AviVita Plus supplies 14 vitamins, 7 minerals, and 17 amino acids. Feed every day to keep your bird in top condition.
4oz SGD 23.00  
8oz SGD 27.00
16oz SGD 45.00

Avi-Cal Plus
Fortified Calcium Supplement.
All human grade ingredients. Includes calcium, phosphate, magnesium and D3. Also includes some vitamin A, minerals and selected “B” vitamins. Remember that African Greys need lots of calcium and so do laying hens of all species.
8oz SGD 32.00  
14oz SGD 53.00
22oz SGD 80.00

Proven Fertility Supplement.
Put spice into your bird’s love life with this special mixture of vitamin E and essential amino acids in a pleasant natural tangerine flavored base. Feed by sprinkling on soft food: fruit, vegetables, sprouts, etc. Good for all adult birds from canaries and budgies to amazons and cockatoos. A world-wide favorite of breeders and zoos.
4oz SGD 27.00  
8oz SGD 42.00
16oz SGD 80.00

Electrolyte Powder
ElectroVites+ electrolyte powder helps fight dehydration in sick or newborn birds. Use instead of Pedialyte or Lactated Ringers. Mix only as needed. No waste.
8oz SGD 27.00
16oz SGD 36.00

Lactobacillus and other Probiotics.
Promotes natural intestinal balance. Use daily for baby birds and after antibiotic treatment for adult birds. Recommended daily for all birds. Contains 5 avian-specific Lactobacillus. 2 billion CFU/gm.
4oz SGD 27.00  
8oz SGD 38.00
16oz SGD 67.00

Formula One
Veterinarian Approved Supplement for new hatchlings and underweight adults.
Used to feed newborns and to supplement hand-feeding formulas. An ideal aid for underweight adults that have been injured or ill. Provides carbohydrates and vegetable fats to promote weight gain as well as extra protein, vitamins, minerals, four digestive enzymes, and six species of beneficial bacteria.
4oz SGD 23.00
16oz SGD 56.00

Weight Additive Supplement.
A high-energy formulation of complex carbohydrates, vegetable fat, and proteins. Use for convalescing birds or to maintain weight on weaning chicks. Contains appetite stimulating herbs.
8oz SGD 32.00
16oz SGD 56.00
3Ib SGD 168.00

Natural High-Potency Spirulina.
Avilina spirulina is the most potent available due to unique processing technology and a special strain of the micro-algae. Use for adults and add to hand feeding formula. Results in beautiful feathers and strengthened immune system.
4oz SGD 23.00
16oz SGD 66.00

100% Organic Red Dende Palm Oil.
AviGlo provides a number of essential fatty acids including omega 3 and omega 6. AviGlo palm oil helps put sheen into dull feathers and improves dry flaky skin and feet. It’s great for all birds especially greys, macaws and cockatoos. AviGlo is packaged in special Nalgene® bottles containing no PBA’s.
4oz SGD 18.00  
8oz SGD 32.00
16oz SGD 56.00

Superior Feather Conditioning Supplement.
A special formulation of B vitamins, other vitamins and protein-building amino acids for molting or feather picking birds. For optimal feather growth and appearance. Best when used with AviVita Gold.
8oz SGD 27.00
16oz SGD 38.00

Feather In
Soothing Anti-Pick Treatment for dry or irritated skin.
Mix a small amount of this finely milled herbal powder with water in an 8 oz. spray bottle and mist twice a day. Human cosmetic grade. Use with AviVita Plus multivitamins, Featheric!, AviFlax feather growth supplement and AviCalm for beautiful new feathers.
8oz SGD 23.00
16oz SGD 36.00

High performance soluble supplement with added vitamin D3 for improved absorption. Can be sprinkled on food or added to drinking water. Dissolves completely clear. Highest bioavailability of any calcium supplement. Ideal for breeding birds, chronic egg layers or calcium deficient pets.
4oz SGD 23.00  
8oz SGD 36.00
16oz SGD 67.00

Calming Supplement
Helps stop aggression, screaming, and feather picking. Got A Screamer? You need AviCalm. AviCalm is an avian specific formulation using a compound found in green tea leaves. Works like a miracle to calm and reduce aggression, feather picking, and screaming. Simply sprinkle on food. For complete feather picking treatment, include AviFlax and Featheric! in food and use Feather In spray treatment.
4oz SGD 33.00  
8oz SGD 59.00
16oz SGD 106.00

AviFlax Gold
Gently Milled Premium Flax Seed.
AviFlax is a human-grade milled flax product processed specifically for feeding to birds. Sprinkle AviFlax on dry food. Aviflax is chemical free and non GMO. It is vitamin fortified and stabilized for enhanced bioavailability and shelf life. AviFlax supplies Omega 3 fatty acid. Improves feather and skin condition and helps reduce feather picking in some birds.
8oz SGD 18.00
16oz SGD 27.00

Potent Anti-Fungal/Anti-Bacterial.
Made from the inner bark of a rainforest tree, the active ingredient in AviPow has been used for centuries to cure illnesses, especially fungal infections. Lab studies have shown it to be even more effective than a widely used prescription drug for fungus. It has demonstrated effectiveness against Candida, Aspergillus, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus as well as some common viruses.
4oz SGD 16.00  
8oz SGD 27.00
16oz SGD 32.00

AviClean Cage and
Aviary Cleaner

Cuts Cage Cleaning Time in Half!
Easy to use dual enzyme extra strength formula for a spotless clean with no scrubbing or rinsing. Use on cages , floors, toys, perches, walls, etc. Easily removes dried bird droppings, caked-on foods such as fruit, vegetables, nectar, pellets, hand-feeding formula, regurgitated substances. Also great for dog and cat stains. Bird-safe and Biodegradable. Will not harm cages. Mild, pleasant, minty fragrance.
16oz Concentrate SGD 53.00

Premium Greens Mixture.
AviGreens contains the following grasses in easy-to-use powdered form: oat, wheat, barley, and alfalfa. The natural nutrients provided in AviGreens include: Vitamins A,C,E,B1,B2,B5,B6,B12; Beta Carotene; Minerals; Amino Acids; Enzymes; Chlorophyll
4oz SGD 27.00
10oz SGD 40.00

Soothing aloe vera spray.
AviVera aloe spray is a must for every bird first aid kit. Aloe is a well known natural antiseptic, analgesic and styptic. A light spray of AviVera once a day can help stop irritation from feather picking and in some case, stop picking altogether. Also great for treating scrapes and cuts.
16oz Spray SGD 25.00

Immunity Booster Supplement.
Support for the immune system of aged or chronically ill birds. A general boost for immune response and protection against disease.
4oz SGD 16.00  
8oz SGD 27.00
16oz SGD 42.00

Coco Loro Virgin Coconut Oil
Coco Loro coconut oil can help support the immune system, maintain an active metabolism and provide inexpensive antimicrobial protection. Coco Loro is packaged in special Nalgene® bottles containing no PBA’s.
4oz SGD 23.00  
8oz SGD 40.00
16oz SGD 53.00


Fertility Enhancer
SELCEN-e Liquid Fertility Enhancer
Induce and increase fertility in both male and female birds

SGD 39
  Fertility Enhancer
SELCEN-e Liquid Fertility Enhancer
Induce and increase fertility in both male and female pigeons

SGD 39

Gondola Health
Parrot Mixed Nut Oil 300mL

Vitamin and mineral-enriched mixed nut oil for parrots cold-pressed from Macadamia, Brazil Nut, Walnut, Almond, Pistachio, Coconut and Hazelnut.

Quality dietary supplement for parrots.

SGD 78.00


Avian Insect Liquidator
Mite and Lice Spray

100mL    500mL
Wormout Gel
Water soluble bird wormer

50mL    100mL
250mL    1 Litre
Scaly Face / Air Sac
Mite Treatment for birds

Breeding Aid
Breeding supplement for
birds to assist egg
production and hatchability

100mL    250mL    1 Litre
Spark Liquid
Sustained Release Energy Supplement + Electrolytes

Soluble Probiotic for
caged birds, poultry chicks,
dogs & cats

25g    90g

Poly Aid Plus
First Aid supplement for
sick and injured Birds and Animals

Triple C
Antibiotic for
Ornamental Birds

25g    100g    500g
Doxyvet Liquid
Broad spectrum antibiotic liquid for birds, cats
and small animals

50mL    250mL
Canker treatment for
birds and pigeons

25g    100g
500g    900g
Treatment of Psittacosis/Ornithosis
for birds and pigeons

25g    100g
450g    900g
Antibiotic powder for birds and pigeons

25g    100g

25g SGD 18.50
200g SGD 43.00

25g SGD 18.50
200g SGD 41.00

25g SGD 18.50
200g SGD 41.80


150g SGD 34.30
500g SGD 54.00



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